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Make That Special Decorative Statement

New papers & fabrics from stout


The Art of Color is a collection of fabrics & wallcoverings that focuses on collaboration with independent textile artists. Our passion is to bring designers unique and beautiful products that embrace the artistic qualities embodied by the personal touch of the artist. Many of our products are hand-produced, giving each fabric a distinctive feel that makes each design one of a kind. Discover for yourself the unrelenting beauty of The Art of Color.

Wall Coverings add vibrancy and movement to a living space, and hundreds of varieties exist.

In large spaces wallpaper adds intimacy

Adding a textured wallpaper and wall coverings made of grass cloth makes a cavernous space feel more comforting. Made with natural fibers, these wall coverings are often interwoven with metallics which contribute a sense of luxury to the natural aesthetic.


Wall Coverings make intriguing accent walls

For homeowners who aren’t ready to take the full plunge into the world of wall coverings, try adding wallpaper to just one wall as an accent. It’s an opportunity to experiment with more daring designs without the commitment of a full room renovation.

Make smaller rooms pop with wallpaper

It may seem counter intuitive, but wall coverings in a small space – a bathroom, foyer, or even a laundry room – add a bit of fun and sophistication. Wall coverings add vibrancy and movement to a living space, and hundreds of varieties exist.

Image by Joanna Kosinska
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