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Value Added Services We Offer


Hubbard's is available for you at No Charge.

Find the right shade for your projects

Paint colors react differently in varied light and across multiple surfaces. Our decorating team can help you find a shade that is as practical as it is beautiful.

We can help you get started with selecting color or stain when you stop by one of our stores. Hyannis and South Dennis has in store decorating help and advice.



Hubbard's Color Matching for you at No Charge.

Our expertise in this area has no equal.  We have been offering this service for NO CHARGE since the 1960's.  We are always investing in the latest technology. We have hundreds of thousands of formulas for almoct all competing lines on file ready to go! Combine that with our experience and you see why we are recognized as a leader in the industry. Accuracy and speed are the hallmarks of our service!


Hubbard's Stain Matching

Again our expertise in this area has no equal.  We offer 2 services for stain matches.  If you are looking for a quick match that needs to be close to a target we will work with you quickly to get you your closest match.  If however you require a more talented and close match we will work on that for you. This procedure can take more than a day (as multiple coats are required & need a drying time window) and if possible a sample of the wood to be stained as well as a sample of the target. This procedure we do charge $10- for.

Wood Stain Match_edited.jpg
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